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World Bowling Makes Its New Debut at Asian Games
World Bowling Creates Group to Explore Alternative Scoring Systems
World Bowling

Uniting the Global Game

World Bowling is recognized by the International Olympic Committee as the world governing body for the sport of Bowling. World Bowling was originally founded in 1952 as the International Bowling Association in order to foster worldwide interest in amateur tenpin and ninepin bowling, as well as international competition by encouraging world and zone tournaments and other events between bowlers of different countries. World Bowling is autonomous in administering the sport and is responsible to promote the development of bowling throughout the world, promote the Olympic movement, contribute to the achievement of the goals set forth in the Olympic Charter, establish rules for the uniform practice of bowling throughout the world, and ensure that official bowling activities meet the requirements of the Olympic Charter.


New Scoring System for competitive bowling to be unveiled during World Bowling Tour Finals -

Athletes and bowling fans around the world will be introduced to a proposed new scoring system for competitive bowling during the World Bowling Tour (WBT) Men’s and Women’s Finals in Las Vegas on November 2. The new scoring system is the result of the work done by an all-star panel of international bowling experts, including […]

Host prefecture Nagasaki leads Bowling Point Ranking at 69th National Sports Festival -

The host prefecture of Nagasaki led the overall point standings in the bowling competition of the 69th Japanese National Sports Festival, which was held from Oct. 13-16 at Nagasaki Lucky Bowl in Nagasaki, Japan. The team from Nagasaki accumulated 85 points in both divisions (male and female) to finish 8 points ahead of last year’s […]


ARLINGTON, Texas – The World Bowling Tour again will feature events from every zone in 2015 as the tour kicks off its fifth season. The 2015 schedule, which actually includes five events from late 2014, will consist of 16 events, and begins with the Professional Bowlers Association World Championship in Las Vegas, Nevada, United States, […]

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