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Weber Cup XVII starts today using the World Bowling Scoring System

August 5, 2016 : 3:25 am

5th August, Lausanne, Switzerland: The World Bowling Scoring System will be used today for the first time in 17 years for the start of the Weber Cup in Manchester, England.  The World Bowling Scoring System maintains the traditional 10-frame scoring format but awards 30 pins for a strike, 10 pins for a spare plus the […]

Malaysia wins their first gold on the final day of the 14th World Youth Championships in Nebraska

August 4, 2016 : 8:06 am

3rd August, Lincoln, Nebraska: Natasha Roslan won Malaysia’s first gold medal at the concluding 14th World Youth Championships with victory in the Girl’s Masters final, while Anthony Simonsen captured the USA’s sixth gold in the boy’s division.       At eighth-seed, Natasha easily took the first best-of-three game, 190-158, and almost sealed the tie when she ended the second […]