2019 Congress

The 2019 World Bowling Congress will be held on September 1, 2019 at the South Point Hotel Casino in Las Vegas, USA.

All World Bowling Federations are invited to attend and participate in accordance with the World Bowling Statutes, Article 1.6.4, 1.6.5, and 1.6.14:


A member federation may be represented at a World Bowling Congress by a maximum of four delegates, only one of whom shall have voting rights. The names of the delegates must be submitted in writing to the World Bowling Secretary General stating the name of the member federation they represent and signed by an authorized officer of the member federation. The voting delegate shall retain his voting status until the next Congress, or until a successor is duly appointed by his respective federation.


A member federation which cannot be represented at the Congress may give its proxy toanother federation. Each federation shall be eligible to vote only one proxy. In all cases, the written proxy authority must be submitted on federation letterhead; signed by the President, Secretary General or CEO of the federation: and be sent to World Bowling President or Secretary General in the presence of the Congress for validation before the proxy can be exercised. Such proxy must be submitted in writing toWorld Bowling President or Secretary General, no less than eight (8) days before start of theCongress, stating the name of the country to which the vote is to be transferred and signed by an authorized officer of the federation.


Only member federations, the Executive Board/Presidium of World Bowling geographic zones specified in 1.5.1 and the World Bowling Executive Board may submit proposals to be acted upon by the Congress. Proposals for amendments shall be submitted to the Secretary General at least three monthsprior to a regular Congress.

The registration fee is $200 USD per delegate.

More information will be sent to federations.

2019 WB Congress – Notice of incumbent officers standing for re-election (PDF)

Notice of 2019 WB Congress – Las Vegas (PDF)

Congress Bulletin (PDF)

Congress Forms (PDF)

Congress Document

Agenda (PDF)

6. Minutes of 2017 World Bowling Congress (PDF)

7.1 President Report (PDF)

7.2 Secretary General Report (PDF)

8.1 ABF President Report (PDF)

8.2 ETBF President Report (PDF)

8.3 PABCON President Report (PDF)

9.1 Competition Committee Report (PDF)

9.2 Technical Committee Report (PDF)

9.3 Youth Committee Report (PDF)

9.4 Marketing Report (PDF)

14.1 Proposal from World Bowling Executive Board (PDF)

14.2 Proposal from Japan Bowling Congress (PDF)

14.3 Proposal from European Tenpin Bowling Federation (PDF)

14.4 Proposal from United States Bowling Congress (PDF)

14.5 Proposal from Tenpin Bowling Australia, Tenpin Bowling New Zealand and Guam Bowling Congress (PDF)

15.2 Current Frame Scoring Survey Report (PDF)