World Bowling

World Bowling is autonomous in administering bowling and is responsible to promote the development of bowling throughout the world, promote the Olympic movement, contribute to the achievement of the goals set forth in the Olympic Charter, establish rules for the uniform practice of bowling throughout the world and ensure that official bowling activities meet the requirements of the Olympic Charter.

World Bowling first began to coordinate world bowling in 1926 as the INTERNATIONAL BOWLING ASSOCIATION (IBA). In 1952, the IBA developed into to FÉDÉRATION INTERNATIONALE DES QUILLEURS (FIQ – International federation of Bowlers) to foster worldwide interest in amateur tenpin and ninepin bowling, as well as international friendship by encouraging world and zone tournaments and other competitions between bowlers of different countries. It has been recognized by the International Olympic Committee since 1979 as the world governing body for the sport of Bowling.

In 2014, the international bowling organizations of the FIQ united under the new brand name of WORLD BOWLING to expand the reach and relevance of bowling worldwide. Read more about World Bowling’s history.