EYC 2019 is moved to Vienna, Austria

November 15, 2018 : 11:54 am

As a consequence of technical issues, the centre in Riga (Latvia), where the EYC 2019 was planned to be held, is not going to be certified in due time. As a further consequence, it has been necessary to move the championships to Plus Bowling in Vienna Austria, where it will be conducted in the period […]

Lucky Larsen Masters leaves the EBT

November 13, 2018 : 11:56 am

The organizer of the Swedish based tournament “Lucky Larsen Masters” has decided to conduct the 2019 edition of their tournament without handicap for women. It means that the tournament cannot keep their inclusion in the EBT 2019. The ETBF Presidium regrets the decision, but we do of course respect that the organizer wants to develop […]

Rules for the EBT 2020

November 13, 2018 : 11:46 am

At a recently held meeting in the ETBF Presidium the rules for the EBT 2020 was decided. The rules are, with one exception, identical with the rules of the EBT 2019. The ETBF Presidium has with a growing concern witnessed a negative influence from PBA on certain stops in the European Bowling Tour. First of […]

Women’s handicap to be kept in the EBT

November 13, 2018 : 11:33 am

Since the beginning of the EBT in 2000, there has been a handicap for women in tournaments with a mixed division. In the first 6 years of the tour (2000-2005) all tournaments with mixed divisions decided the size of the women’s handicap themselves, but all had a handicap. Later, as of the EBT 2006, the […]

ECC 2018 in Langen, Germany

October 28, 2018 : 9:45 am

Mai Ginge Jensen (Denmark) vs. Eliisa Hiltonen (Finland) in the final of the women’s division of the ECC 2018 was a repetition of the final of the Masters event in the European Women Championships for only four months ago. In the EWC 2018 Masters in Brussels in June, Mai Ginge Jensen won 2-1 in the […]

ETBF’s Education and Technical Committee

October 26, 2018 : 6:33 am

The ETBF Presidium decided at its meeting on 18 and 19 October 2018 in Langen – Germany to merge ETBF’s Education Committee and ETBF’s Technical Committee into one combined committee, hereafter named ETBF’s Education and Technical Committee. The two committees have already worked closely together for years, since the development over time had created many […]

Qualified for the EBT Masters 2019

October 14, 2018 : 11:11 am

The 12th edition of the EBT Masters, the EBT Masters 2019, will be held in Bowling Charmatin in Madrid, Spain on Thursday 4 July 2019. In the period of the EBT Masters 2019, the same centre in Madrid will host the VII Brunswick Madrid Challenge from 30 June to 7 July. The following 8 women […]

The winners of the tour

October 14, 2018 : 11:05 am

Like last year, Jenner Wegner from Sweden had already collected that many points in the tour standing that she was unreachable for anybody in Oslo; even Jenny did not attend the last stop of the tour season. Jenny Wegner won the women’s division of the tour with 719 points in front of Mai Ginge Jensen […]

EBT 2018 Stop 12 in Oslo

October 14, 2018 : 11:02 am

Eric Sjöberg from Sweden took his first EBT Title ever, when he won the last stop of the season, the Norwegian Open 2018 by Brunswick. Eric Sjöberg concluded a fantastic day in Oslo with a 276 game, by which he passed a number of competitors in the very last game of the tournament. In the […]


October 10, 2018 : 1:32 am

LAUSANNE, October 10, 2018 – World Bowling announced today the appointment of sports consultancy agency Reddentes Sports with the mandate to develop new broadcast properties, manage the distribution of its media rights and explore new commercial opportunities for the international governing body of the sport. Reddentes Sports has been tasked to oversee the broadcast production […]