Koivuniemi extends lead in World Bowling Tour points race

ARLINGTON, Texas – With two events remaining on the World Bowling Tour, Finland’s Mika Koivuniemi holds a massive lead in the men’s rankings, while the United States’ Carolyn Dorin-Ballard stayed at the top of the women’s rankings.

Koivuniemi was the only player on either the men’s or women’s side among the top three in the rankings to compete in the most recent event on the World Bowling Tour, presented by the World Tenpin Bowling Association.

The Finn earned 24 rankings points for a sixth-place finish at the Korean Daejeon International Open, which concluded Aug. 26.

Koivuniemi leads the rankings with 149 points, while Sean Rash of the United States remained in second with 90 points and Finland’s Osku Palermaa is third at 77.

On the women’s side, none of the top six players in the rankings competed in Korea, which left the women’s rankings unchanged among the leaders.

Dorin-Ballard leads with 145 points, while Team USA’s Kelly Kulick is second with 100. Sweden’s Nina Flack remains in third place with 85 points.

The World Bowling Tour is made up of various events around the world throughout the course of 2011. Players earn points based on how they finish in the event and those points will be tabulated throughout the season to determine the top three men and top three women who will be invited to compete in the World Bowling Tour Finals presented by the Professional Bowlers Association.

The World Bowling Tour Finals are scheduled to take place at the PBA’s World Series of Bowling in late 2011 and will feature a total prize fund of $40,000. The event will be aired nationally in the United States.

The top three men and top three women will bowl a stepladder finals format in their respective divisions at the World Bowling Tour Finals. The prize money for each division is the same, with the winner taking $10,000, second place earning $6,000 and third place winning $4,000.

The next stop on the World Bowling Tour in Bangkok, Thailand, from Sept. 24-30 and the tour wraps up with the AMF Australian Masters from Oct. 10-22 in Sydney, Australia.

The World Tenpin Bowling Association, which is made up of more than 100 bowling federations, governs the sport throughout the world. For more information on WTBA and the World Bowling Tour, visit WorldTenpinBowling.com.


Top 25 after six events
(Pos., Name, Country, Points)

1 Mika Koivuniemi, Finland, 149
2 Sean Rash, USA, 90
3 Osku Palermaa, Finland, 77
4 Chris Barnes, USA, 68
5 Tore Torgersen, Norway, 61
6 Dominic Barrett, England, 60
7 Paul Moor, England, 55
8 Martin Larsen, Sweden, 53
9 Chris Loschetter, USA, 51
10 Norm Duke, USA 50
10 Tom Hess, USA 50
10 Syafiq Ridhwan, Malaysia 50
10 Jeong Seung-Soo, Korea 50
10 Tommy Jones, USA, 50
15 Jason Belmonte, Australia 48
16 Ronnie Russell, USA, 47
17 Kimmo Lehtonen, Finland, 41
18 Jack Jurek, USA 40
18 Thomas Larsen, Denmark 40
18 Kim Young-Kwan, Korea, 40
21 Kim Jun-Soo, Korea, 35
22 Lucas Legnani, Argentina, 33
23 Dennis Eklund, Sweden, 32
24 Bryon Smith, USA, 31
25 Marco Baade, Germany 30
25 Mike DeVaney, USA 30
25 Lim Dong-Sung, Korea 30
25 Ryan Shafer, USA, 30

1 Carolyn Dorin-Ballard, USA, 145
2 Kelly Kulick, USA, 100
3 Nina Flack, Sweden, 85
4 Krista Pöllänen, Finland, 80
5 Liz Johnson, USA, 70
6 Clara Guerrero, Colombia 70
6 Helen Johnsson, Sweden 70
6 Kim Min-Hee, Korea, 50
9 Sandra Andersson, Sweden46
9 Jazreel Tan, Singapore, 46
11 Jeon Gui-Ae, Korea 40
11 Rocio Restrepo, Colombia 40
11 Tannya Roumimper, Indonesia, 40
14 Nicki Ainge, England, 38
15 Mai Ginge Jensen, Denmark 35
15 Missy Parkin, USA 35
15 Bae Seong-Hee, Korea, 35
18 Lee Na-Young, Korea 30
18 Anna Orlova, Russia, 30
20 Elin Adolfsson, Sweden 27
20 Victoria Johansson, Sweden 27
20 Rebecka Larsen, Sweden 27
20 Patricia Luoto, Germany, 27
24 Joline Persson Planefors, Sweden, 26
25 Bryanna Caldwell, USA 25
25 Cha ln-Hwa, Korea 25
25 Heidi Manninen, Finland 25
25 Marilyn Planchard, France, 25

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