ONES TO WATCH – Sultan Al Masri, Saudi Arabia

IMG_1830World Bowling has searched the globe to bring you the best up and coming young bowlers! In this five week series we will present our finest picks and those athletes that we predict will take the bowling world by storm!  

 Our last pick for the series is junior Saudi Arabian bowler Sultan Al Masri. Sultan has had so many successes within Saudi Arabia but every time he enters an international tournament, his talents really shine! Despite competing against a field of much older competitors, Sultan won a bronze medal at the Youth Arab Championships in Doha 2013 and bronze medal at the Junior GCC Games in Oman earlier this year. When pitted against the best, Sultan puts them to the test and we eagerly await the results as his competition keeps getting stronger and stronger.

 Sultan, how does it feel to be singled out as one of the top junior athletes within the sport across the world?

 Of course it is an honor but I don’t feel that I should be singled out, I feel that when I have successes or when I win that I am never representing myself but that I am always representing my teammates and the Saudi Bowling Federation.

So having the opportunity to be a representative of Saudi Arabia at an international competition must make you very proud?

I feel so happy to have the opportunity to show the best of me at an international tournament because I know that I am representing every single person in Saudi. The highest goal I have for myself in the sport is to one day represent Saudi Arabia at the Olympic Games, if bowling were to become an Olympic Sport. Oh, and of course go on to win the gold medal!AS6A0362

Has bowling changed your life for the better?

Bowling has helped me to become more focused, more organized; Bowling has taught me to be a better student and taught me how to work as a team. My family and I are now a lot closer because of the sport, it takes a large commitment on their part as well and this has brought us all closer, being successful within in bowling is now a dream that we all share.

What would you say to young athletes that want to become successful in the sport?

In the words of Muhammad Ali – “Champions aren’t made in the gyms. Champions are made from something they have deep inside them – a desire, a dream, a vision.”

I would say that they should take advantage of what their National Federation has to offer. I have a lot to be thankful for because of the way the Saudi Federation has encouraged me and the way that their development programs have been set up.

IMG_4452Sultan, it has been a pleasure to speak to you and we look forward to following your career as a top athlete.