Guerrero and Restrepo with the Polish Sports Minister

WROCLAW, July 23rdIt was victory for Colombia today as their women’s doubles team triumphed over the USA to take home the Gold medal from the third event of The World Games bowling competition.

Colombia won in a spectacular finals match which saw team members Clara Guerrero and Rocio Restrepo take a two game total pin fall of 922 to USA’s  874 with USA members Kelly Kulick and Danielle McEwan taking home the silver medal. 

Guerrero said of the win “This is my first gold medal for The World Games and I got the chance to win it with my friend.”

In the bronze medal match, Sandra Gongora and Tannya Lopez of Mexico defeated Patricia De Faria and Karen Marcano from Venezuela.  The first game of the match was a nail biting round with Mexico scoring 430 to Venezuela’s 460.  The second game was an easier defeat with an end score of Mexico 505 to Venezuela’s 405.   

Gongora of Mexico

16 countries started the qualifying rounds in a four pool match system divided by the top seeds from the last World Championships. Each country played one on one matches of two games with the other three teams in their pool. Points were allocated for a win or a draw with the top point scorers moving on to the quarter finals. Mexico, Singapore, Colombia, Canada, Germany, Venezuela, Finland and the USA made it through. Knocked out were The Ukraine, Great Britain, host nation Poland, Chinese Taipei, China, Japan, Denmark and competition favourites Korea.

It was an easy win for Korea against host nation Poland with the team scoring a total of 975 pins across two games to Poland’s 747 pins.
It was a very close contest in the Finland versus Denmark match and despite Denmark’s Britt Brondsted scoring the first 300 of the day, Finland won by a nose, with the final score of 908 to Denmark’s 905.

With fewer close games than in match one, the competition saw relatively easy defeats across the board. The surprises came from Finland’s team beating the USA with 903 pins to USA’s 820 and then Canada’s women’s team beating the Koreans with 943 pins to Korea’s 903.

Heading into the tenth frame of the last game three teams were on a tie in pool D but with the very last balls thrown, Finland made a narrow win against Japan which led them to top seed in the pool.


The quarter finals saw an American zone domination with Europe and Asia knocked out for their chance to play in the semifinals.  Each country played a two game match where the country with the highest pin fall qualified to the next round.  The USA team took an easy win over Germany, Colombia dominated over Singapore, Mexico beat Canada and Venezuela ended Finland’s good play beating them by just 41 pins.

 USA will now play Mexico and Venezuela will go up against Colombia in the semifinal matches.


And it will be a USA vs Colombia final!  In the semifinals the USA took a strong lead early with Danielle McEwan scoring a 290 in the first game.  Mexico tried to keep up but eventually they struck out leaving them knocked out of the finals but still in for the chance for the bronze medal against Venezuela.  The Colombia versus Venezuela match was a tight call with just 38 pins separating the teams after game one and a 43 point difference from game two.  This took Colombia’s overall lead to 947pins to Venezuela’s 866.