Mexico, Korea to bowl for the Team gold medal

The four-player teams (2 boys and 2 girls) from Korea and Mexico swept their semi-final matches at the World Junior Bowling Championships and will bowl for the coveted team gold medals Saturday at 15.45 CET at the Judo Hall in Paris, France.

In best-of-three games Baker format by using World Bowling’s Current Frame Scoring system, top-seeded Korea (above) with Park Donghyuk, all-events champions Ji Geun and Hong Soree along with Jeong Youngseon defeated no. 4 Finland in two games, 204-201 and 245-223.

In the other match, no. 3 Mexico (featured photo) with Maximiliano Lopez, Manuel Ordaz, Lliana Salinas and Keyla Covarrubias made quick work of no. 2 Singapore, 220-212 and 199-180.

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