Unified Bowling League – Special Olympics Israel

By Reuven Astrachan

Unified DoublesThe final of the Unified 10 Pin Bowling League games were held on Friday 18 th July 2014, at the Gan Shmuel Bowling Center. The parents and friends of the bowlers were invited to the final round, as many other guests. After the competition, a ceremony was held, where participation medals were awarded to all the bowlers – Special Olympics athletes and Israel Bowling Federation players. The Special Olympics athletes were presented with Bowling Federation pins and the Bowling Federation players were presented with Special Olympics pins. The three first positions of Unified doubles were awarded also with medals as per their positions. Eyal Damari – the best Special Olympics athlete – was awarded with a trophy for the highest single game score (203) and for the best tree games (589). The Nofar Team – Guy Zigdon (Special Olympics athlete) and Ofer Baran (Bowling Federation player) were awarded a trophy for the highest scores in three team games. The ceremony was hosted by Shimon Yishay, vice president of the Israel Bowling Federation, who served as the volunteer manager of the Unified League throughout the season, tracking the computerized scores. Arie Fisher – the President of the Israel Bowling Federation, congratulated the participants, and thanked the owners of the bowling centers who donated the lanes in favor of the activities and each of them received a personal appreciation shield. Reuven Astrachan – The Acting National Director of Special Olympics Israel , congratulated the athletes and gratefully thanked the volunteer players who took part in the special project, stating that their volunteering is not taken for granted and, for this, they deserve our profound appreciation. Tal Raban – Deputy Chairman of Special Olympics Israel, honored the event by his presence, congratulated the athletes and awarded them medals. Rakefet Kalishov – The manager of the Rakefet Team from Herzliya and the mother of Gilad – a Special Olympics athlete.