LAUSANNE, Switzerland – It may be a new year but it is results from 2014 that is key for World Bowling Tour rankings as the men’s PBA World Championship finals and Brunswick Ballmaster Open begin the calendar year.

Englishman Paul Moor took the Championship title of the Brunswick Ballmaster Open in Finland and USA thunderbolt Mike Fagan took the top men’s finals at the PBA World Championships in Las Vegas. Whilst Fagan has shot into second place in the World Rankings, Dominic Barrett from England’s sensational consistency has placed him in the lead.

Barrett, who’s thrilling win at the Qatar Open in November along with consistent scores in recent events including 5th in Saudi Arabia’s Kingdom International Open & 10th at the PBA World Championships, sees him rise to the top of the World Rankings with 588 points in total. Fagan, fresh from his success at the World Bowling Men’s Championships in Abu Dhabi shot into second place after his PBA World Championship final just six points behind Barrett with 582 points. Paul Moor, winner of the Brunswick Ballmaster Open currently sits in 20th position on 175 points.

In the women’s division, Singaporean Shayna Ng won the Brunswick Ballmaster Open and USA’s Liz Johnson won the women’s PBA World Championship in November. Johnson maintains her 2nd World Ranking position whilst Kelly Kulik from the USA remains on top.

November’s PBA World Championships for women saw the superstars from the USA, Johnson and Kulik, take out the 1st and 2nd placings respectively and maintain their dominance over the World Rankings despite not having competed in other 2015 World Bowling Tour events. Kulik sits steady in the lead point position ahead of Johnson with 698 points whilst Johnson is on a total of 559. Last week’s Brunswick Ballmaster Open winner Ng now sits in 5th place on 348.

The next event in the World Bowling Tour is the USBC Masters February 1-8th.

The World Bowling Tour is made up of various events around the world and players earn points based on how they finish in each event. The current points system is based on a continuous two-year cycle, so points include every events since beginning of 2013.

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