Brunswick Bowling, World Bowling and the Chinese Bowling Association Launch Chinese Bowling Foundation

Partners Develop Plan to Foster Bowling Resurgence in China

Brunswick Bowling has joined forces with World Bowling—the international governing body of the sport of bowling—and with the Chinese Bowling Association to establish the new Chinese Bowling Foundation (CBF). The Foundation’s mission is to more actively promote and publicize the game of bowling throughout the People’s Republic of China.

The Chinese bowling boom of the 1990s witnessed hundreds of new centers being opened in major cities. Over the last decade, enthusiasm for the game has waned somewhat throughout Asia with many centers closing, but industry leaders in China believe that bowling is now poised for a major comeback, fueled by the country’s enormous population and fast-growing middle class.

Brunswick Bowling and World Bowling have committed substantial resources to help the Chinese Bowling Foundation achieve its goals. The Company will host educational courses in China on subjects ranging from coaching to ball-drilling to lane maintenance.

“We are very much pleased to join hands with World Bowling and Brunswick, exploring and promoting the game of bowling in China. We believe that our cooperation will surely have a bright future,” stated Wang Li Wei, vice-chairman of Chinese Bowling Association. Brunswick will also sponsor PBA bowlers to play matches and exhibitions in China. Finally, Brunswick will provide its services and products to help the Foundation initiate a comprehensive bowling league and ranking structure in China beginning in 2015. “As the worldwide leader in bowling, we’re pleased to be a charter member of this important new organization dedicated to energizing this great game in China,” said Gary Smith, Brunswick Bowling vice president of international sales.

World Bowling has been leading the effort to get bowling into the Olympics, and the Foundation is hopeful that rebuilding the Chinese bowling market will also fuel that charge. “We are encouraged with the formation of this partnership including our Friends of Bowling partner Brunswick, and the CBA, representing a country in which we have tremendous growth potential. China is crucial in our ongoing Olympic recognition efforts,” said Kevin Dornberger, World Bowling president.

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