Photo by Wojciech Grzedzinski
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WROCLAW, July 22nd  Youngseon Cho made an incredible feat against Ildemaro Ruiz from Venezuela to win the Gold medal for Korea in today’s Men’s Singles event at The World Games 2017.  Ruiz took home the silver medal in what marks the second of four medal events for the competition.  The finals match was won in the first two games with Cho quickly reaching his target in a best of three games format. 

Tobias Bording won the bronze medal for Germany in two straight games against Italian Salvatore Polizzotto.   Of his performance today, Bording said “I struggled in the first four games of qualification today, I just didn’t feel good but in the last two games I got a really great feeling and I thought that today may be my moment.”

Photo by Wojciech Grzedzinski
0048 602358885


32 male athletes from 16 countries began the day to battle it out for their chance to win a coveted The World Games medal in a five round elimination series.  The qualification round was determined by the highest accumulative pins across a six game series.  Denmark’s Thomas Larsen and Mexico’s Ricardo Lecuona came out in equal top position with a total pin fall of 1420 each.  Larsen started out slow with mediocre scores in his first three games, then a dramatic change of performance in game three boosted his average and game five saw him score the first 300 of the men’s competition.  Lecuona was more consistent throughout his games and both athletes finished on an average of 236.7.  Venezuelan Lldemaro Ruiz and Singapore’s Qi En Kuek placed 3rd and 4th on 1414 and 1401 respectively.  Surprisingly, competition favourites Marshall Kent from the USA and Francois Lavoie from Canada did not make the top 16 and both competitors from Chinese Taipei, the host country Poland and the crowd’s favourite – The Netherlands were both knocked out in the round. 

Round Of 16

Playing a best of three games in pairs, the round of 16 was quickly knocked down to the best eight athletes of the competition who will now move on to the quarter finals.

Top seed Thomas Larsen will go through to the quarter finals after his 2-1 defeat to Finland’s Juhani Tonteri. As will Tobias Bording from Germany who won his game 2-1 to Hong Kong’s Michael Mak. Italy’s Salvatore Polizzotto deafeated Mexico’s Arturo Quintero in two straight games as did Korea’s Youngseon Cho knocking out Venezuela’s Massimiliano Fridegotto.  Fellow Venezuelan athlete Ildemaro Ruiz won his match 2-0 against Japan’s Shogo Wada and USA’s Tommy Jones defeated Singapore’s Qi En Kuek in two straight games.  Massimiliano Celli from Italy will also go through ahead of Mexico’s Ricardo Lecuona after his 2-0 win.

Quarter Finals

The quarter finals was a great show for the many spectators at the Sky Bowling venue this afternoon.  Heated matches on lanes 17 & 18 saw number 1 seed Thomas Larsen knocked out by Italian Salvatore Polizzotto in a 2-1 finish.  Next door on lanes 15 & 16 PBA bowler Tommy Jones from the USA was knocked out by Korea’s Youngseon Cho in 2 games to 1.  Venezuela’s Ildemaro Ruiz battled it out with Dan Maclelland from Canada in a match which ended on a 2-1 score and Germany’s Tobias Bording defeated Italian Massmiliano Celli also on a 2-1 score.


With Venezuela’s Ildemaro Ruiz facing Germany’s Tobias Bording and Italy’s Salvatore Polizzotto competing against Korea’s Youngseon Cho to fight for their chance in the gold medal match, the competition did not disappoint!  Ruiz won against Boarding 2 -0 and Cho beat Polizzotto two games to one meaning that Ruiz will face Cho in the gold medal match and Bording will play against Polizzotto for the bronze.