05.27.15 USBC Jr team. Ellman Photography

Photo: USBC, Ellman Photography

World Bowling has searched the globe to bring you the best up and coming young bowlers! In this five week series we will present our finest picks and those athletes that we predict will take the bowling world by storm!  

This week’s “One to Watch” is no other than USA 2015 Team Trials Champion and 2015 PABCON Youth Championship Gold Medalist from the Men’s Singles, Doubles, Trios AND Team events, the sensational 17 yr old – Kamron Doyle.

Kamron, it is so great to have you with us today. Your career to date is so impressive and you have been on the international bowling scene from such a young age. Your earlier accomplishments include being the third-youngest bowler to ever roll a USBC sanctioned 300 game, which you did at just 10 years of age; you were the youngest person in USBC history to bowl an 800 series which you accomplished at 11 years old and you became the youngest ever money-winner in the history of the Professional Bowling Association when you finished 30th in the PBA South Region event in 2010. Now, several years later you are still going strong in the sport and are a member of the Junior Team USA, we predict big things are on the horizon!

Photo: USBC, Ellman Photography

Photo: USBC, Ellman Photography

Kamron, clearly you’ve had some incredible successes from an early age, what do you want to tell young kids that aspire to have similar dreams?

Jackie Joyner-Kersee once said, “Age is no barrier. It’s a limitation you put on your mind.” I have been fortunate enough to have had success despite being told many times that I cannot compete because of my age and my lack of experience. I try not to think about my age and just focus on competing. Hopefully I can inspire other young kids to go out and compete rather than be scared to. Recently, I have become more interested in helping the youth get involved in our sport. Growing the youth is crucial for bowling’s future and I have had the amazing opportunity to be able to help with that process.

It must take a lot of hard work and dedication to be the athlete you’ve become. Can you let us know your training schedule?

If I have a big tournament coming up, I will practice every day along with working out at the gym five days a week. Once the tournament is less than one week away, I will shorten each practice session to make sure that I am still getting some practice in but that it is not too strenuous. My practice sessions are usually around two hours long and involve practicing on different oil patterns as well as different parts of my game.

You’ve achieved so much already but we know there is no stopping your future! Where do you want to be within the sport in coming years?

My main long term goal would be to go professional and tour the world bowling against the best, I have always had this dream of traveling the world while competing in the sport I love. Competing in the Olympics is also something that I have always wished for and I hold the hope that this dream can be fulfilled.

How has the sport changed your life?

Bowling has had such a large impact on my life. I have been to different parts of the world while representing my country in the sport that I love; I never could have dreamed of having these opportunities. Bowling has also showed me that life is precious and to value every moment. Bowling has one hundred percent changed my life for the better and I encourage everyone, especially younger kids, to become involved in the sport.

Thank you for your time Kamron, we are really excited to see where your hard work and determination take you in the future, we predict big things!

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Kamron & teammate Michael Tang

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