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Tuula Tamminen

Over fifties bowler, Tuula Tamminen is heading off to Las Vegas tomorrow to represent Finland in the World Bowling Senior Championships, an event that plays host to the best international athletes of the sport that are over the age of 50. The Championships are a great showcase of the sport’s accessibility and promote serious competition and healthy lifestyle choices where other activities may not be possible. We get the #AthletesInsight from Tuula on how she started her journey with competitive bowling and what has kept her in the sport for so long.

Tuula, you are 53 years old and have been bowling for more than 20 years. Bowling has played a big part in your competitive life and your social life, can you tell us how you started?

I am a competitive person and sports have always been a part of my life. I played badminton for 10 years but due to problems with my ankles I had to seek a new hobby. I had tried bowling earlier and I knew that I would like it so in the Autumn of 1994 I took a beginner’s course and joined aCat Bowling Club. My husband started at the same time and joined another club, this was great as we found a common hobby and 20 years later we are still on that pathway.

Bowling quickly turned from a hobby to a serious competition sport for you, can you tell us how this happened?

Immediately after I started I wanted to compete. I was very active in the sport and competed in a lot of tournaments. At the beginning of 2014, I decided to try out for real big league competitions and this quickly proved to be the best decision ever! I started working with a coach to improve my rhythm, timing, approach, release and swing. With my coach I practiced for more goal oriented playing, I made plans for the training and for the competition and developed my health and physical condition.

The results must have paid off as the 2015 World Bowling Senior Championships will be your second International Championship (Tuula competed for Finland in the 2013 World Bowling Senior Championships). Can you tell us what keeps you motivated to keep going competitively with the sport?

I like the training and it is gratifying to note that you can always learn something new. It is a never ending story. It is noteworthy that bowling can be started later in life and interest can continue for a very long time. In the competitive sense, there are many levels to the sport.

Tuula, thank you for talking with us today and best of luck for the World Bowling Senior Championships next week! 

The World Bowling Senior Championships are held every second year for the best international men and women athletes in the over 50’s category. The 2015 Championships will run from August 23rd – 30th in Sam’s Town, Las Vegas, USA.

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