USA Dominates the World Bowling Tour Final Qualifications List as of June 2019

LAUSANNE, June 17 – With the first four events of the World Bowling Tour (WBT) 2019 having taken place, it is a USA domination in the race for a spot in the World Bowling Tour Finals which will take place in Kuwait this November. 

In top spots for the men’s WBT Finals qualification are Jakob Butturff of the USA on 1080 and first WBT timer Mykel Holliman of the USA on 636 points.  Coming in third is Australia’s Jason Belmonte on 600 points. 

Jakob Butturff won the USBC Masters in 2019
Credit: PBA Library
Jakob Butturff won the USBC Masters in 2019
Credit: PBA Library

Three of the first four qualification events for the men have been tier 1 events meaning that the top three athletes have had a chance to make a strong lead early in the year.  The rest of 2019 will provide seven more WBT events and opportunities for the men to qualify, most of these are tier 2 or 3 events, aside from the US Open in October and the Kuwait Open in November which are both Tier 1.  The Kuwait Open is new to the tier 1 category and this year offers a $50,000 USD first prize.  With many of the events occurring later in the year taking place off of US shores, it’s likely that the top 10 may have a more international spread of athletes come finals time in November.

For the women, at the top of the list is 2018 WBT Final women’s winner Liz Johnson on 1224 points, followed by 2018 WBT finalist Danielle McEwan on 928.  In third place is Indonesian Tannya Roumimper on 720.  All three athletes have qualified for this week’s US Women’s Open which sits as a tier 1 event on the WBT calendar.

Liz Johnson during her winning round at the 2018 WBT Finals
Credit: PBA Library

The rest of the year, women will have the chance to qualify for the finals through the coveted Kuwait Open Tier 1 event, as well as seven other tier 2 or 3 events, one of which is the World Bowling Women’s Championships that will take place August 22-30 in Las Vegas.

The current top ten positions on the World Bowling Tour Men’s and World Bowling Tour Women’s Finals Qualifications are:

  1. Jakob Burtuff (USA)
  2. Mykel Holliman (USA)
  3. Jason Belmonte (AUS)
  4. Mitch Hupe (CAN)
  5. AJ Chapman (USA)
  6. Dom Barrett (ENG)
  7. Anthony Simonsen (USA)/Kyle Sherman (USA)
  8. Rhino Page (USA)
  9. Jake Peters (USA)
  1. Liz Johnson (USA)
  2. Danielle McEwan (USA)
  3. Tannya Roumimper (INA)
  4. Clara Guerrero (COL)
  5. Missy Parkin (USA)/Dasha Kovalova (UKR)
  6. Sin Li Jane (MAS)
  7. Maria Jose Rodriguez (COL)
  8. Rocio Restrepo (COL)
  9. Lindsay Boomershine (USA)

Make sure you check out the next World Bowling Tour events to see if they impact the list, for women this will be the US Women’s Open which is currently running and goes until June 23rd, viewers can go to to catch the action.  For the men, it will be the mixed event, the Storm PBA/PWBA Striking Against Breast Cancer on July 25th.

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