Final Four Masters Bowlers Hail from Colombia, Singapore, Finland, and USA

Jim Goodwin

Las Vegas, August 28 – The final four players in the World Bowling Women’s Championship are Maria Rodriguez, Team Colombia, Cherie Tan, Team Singapore, Danielle McEwan, Team USA and Sonna Pasanen, Team Finland.

Fans at the South Point Bowling Plaza were treated to some very exciting matches Wednesday to determine the four players who will roll for the medals on Friday.

Maria Rodriguez

In the round of eight, #1 seed Maria Rodriguez defeated Bernice Lim of Singapore 2-1 in best two of three matches. Lim won the first game 227-163, but Rodriguez bounced back to win games two and three 225-202 and 246-224.

“I feel great. This is awesome,” said Rodriguez “It is what we want to do in events like this. The pair was hooking a lot so I had to move way left and go deeper. I was patient and I gave the lanes time to break down a little, and I got some good breaks. I’m not sure how I will play the lanes in the finals. We will just wait and see what is happening then.”

Number 5 seeded Tan swept Maria Koshel of Russia 2-0. She won the first game 249-210, and the second 224-204

“I was just taking it one shot at a time and focused on my process and did not worry about what my opponent was doing,” said Lim.  “I just have to repeat shots and I will do well in the finals.”

Number seven seed Danielle McEwan defeated Team USA team mate Missy Parkin 2-1. Parkin won game one 214-189, but McEwan came back with victories of 246-201 and 249-181.

“I am so excited to bring home another medal for Team USA. I will do my best and hope it is the gold,” said McEwan. “The last pair was tricky for me but I finally figured it out. It is always tough bowling against a friend and team mate, but it happens every week on tour and we just hope both of us bowl well and the pins fall how they are supposed to.”

Sonna Pasanen entered into the event as the number 19 seed. She defeated Hyerin Son of Team Korea 2-0 to earn her spot in the Semi-finals with scores of 245-175 and 227-184.

“This is unbelievable,” said Pasanen. “It has been my dream to bowl well in this tournament, and I am so happy to win a medal for Team Finland. This is very exciting!”

Thursday, Semi-finals and finals will be staged for the Singles, Doubles and Trio events. Fans in the arena will enjoy the finals and will witness an historic television broadcast going out around the world. Altogether, nine plus hours of live television will be broadcast on 16 affiliates worldwide. No bowling event anywhere has ever offered this much live television coverage.

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